Here at Tech Senses, we’re proud to offer our clients a diverse, dynamic, versatile, and flexible range of services specifically designed to help our clients and their businesses succeed through technology.


Here at Tech Senses, we have worked hard to put together an extensive offering of services as a managed service provider for our valued clients. Our MSP services are specifically designed to target the areas of your business that could benefit from everything that the Tech Senses team can offer!

Our Process

1. Assess

Detailed analyses of your current environment – reporting on issues and actionable items.

4. Optimize

Enterprise-class automation technology to help keep your IT infrastructure fully optimized.

2. On-board

Maintenance activities, projects, and remediation processes to stabilize your existing and new technology.

5. Protect

Application of industry best practices to ensure proper security and backup management.

3. Manage

Delivery monitoring and maintenance processes designed to help ensure that your business is fully optimized.

6. Report

Crucial insight into management and results delivered to your organization effectively and efficiently.

Managed IT Services

Tech Senses helps our clients by offering graduated levels of service specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each of our clients, ultimately ensuring that their systems remain at peak performance. Our Managed Services Operations Centers are staffed with highly certified resources that leverage proven tool-sets and ITIL processes to ensure the ultimate success of our clients and their businesses.

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Service Desk

No matter how well-designed and robust your critical infrastructure may be, issues are simply inevitable. Our Service Desk solutions are available year-round, on a 24/7 basis. In addition, they are completely tailored to the specific needs of your business

Field Support Services

With our national field service, we can create a front-line support team specifically designed to provide your employees with the services they require. By assisting in everything from IT to end-to-end infrastructure, and from warranty support, Install, Moves, Adds and Changes (IMAC) services, and backup services, our national field service is certainly up to the task.

Application Services

Tech Senses helps our clients in the consultation, implementation, and support of strategic applications designed to drive efficiency in the data center to targeted endpoints. By using a combination of software applications and hardware, we provide businesses with a solution for application services.

Network Services

Tech Senses helps our clients by providing the necessary and required expertise to design, implement, and support no-compromise networks through a national team of engineers.In addition, we offer complete solutions that seamlessly integrate network technologies across borderless networks, ensuring secure mobility and protected data centers.

System Monitoring

Our Operations Center is available on a 24/7 basis, virtually 365 days a year. We can assist with the monitoring of servers, storage, and networks, in addition to desktop, VoIP, and cloud operations through Client Information Portals. We can even monitor performance reporting, infrastructure dashboards, asset tracking, ticket status, and work order status.

Product Staging Services

Tech Senses can help our clients by pre-configuring any type of hardware before its deployment in one of our various Integration Centers. We can service your desktops, laptops, servers, network hardware, routers, switches, mobile devices, Point of Sale (POS) equipment, Apple systems, Android and iOS devices.

Refurbishment Services

We can manage the end-of-life processes for all of your IT hardware and assets while meeting strict internal, governmental, environmental, or third-party compliance standards. We will work within your current framework to plan the practices and policies for redeployment, reselling, data destruction, recycling, and disposal services.

Apple Support Services

Apple has become a massive staple in global technology over the last several years. Tech Senses can help our clients by offering a dedicated team of Apple Consulting Engineers who are ready to provide customized solutions for Apple products. Whatever your needs may be, our dedicated team of Apple Consulting Engineers can surely help.

Digital Signage Services

Tech Senses helps our clients by offering a dedicated team of Digital Signage Consultants who are ready to provide customized solutions for our clients. When it comes to choosing the right hardware, content strategies, and display locations for your next digital signage project, let our team of professionals handle it to ensure that your next project results in nothing but sustainable success.

Low Current Systems

In addition to our vast and extensive offering of services. These types of services include Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), access controls, and attendance management services. Although you may already have some of these processes covered in-house, when partnering with Tech Senses, our low current system services provide some much-needed relief from some fundamental security aspects of maintaining your business or organization, ultimately freeing up more time for you to ensure that your business is are run as effectively and as efficiently as possible.


Tech Senses helps our clients by offering an extensive staffing service specifically designed to provide our clients with top-end talent ready to make a difference. We help to build the qualified technical workforce that a modern business demands. By providing qualified candidates for your local or nationwide projects, recruiting for short-term and long-term placements, and recruiting talent geared towards your industry, we can help to streamline your hiring process.


Our facilities are fully staffed with logistics professionals who can help to ensure that you get your products when you need them, where you need them, and how you need them. We offer competitive pricing and assurance of delivery built upon experience in providing logistics.

Break / Fix Support

Our Break/Fix support services are designed to assist our clients with equipment ranging from traditional desktops, printers, laptops, servers, storage, and networking, to other emerging technologies. Whatever your needs may be, our Break/Fix support services can help.


Enhance your procurement process through Tech Senses’ web-based e-procurement tools. You will instantly have access to hardware and software from over 1,700 leading manufacturers and publishers specifically geared towards helping your business succeed. Through this service, we virtually guarantee that you will see some tangible results, including cost-savings and improved SLAs.

Tech Senses MSP Services Improves

  • Uptime & Reliability 90%
  • Vendor Relationships 70%
  • Maintenance 95%
  • Business Processes Efficiency 90%
  • Strategic Technology Planning 85%
  • Security Posture 78%
  • Increased Productivity 88%

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