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In today’s day and age, it is simple to see why businesses are increasingly becoming more and more geared towards acquiring the services of a managed service provider to handle typical day-to-day business processes like IT operational services, IT support and troubleshooting services, network services, staffing, system monitoring, IT solutions and numerous others.
However, it is also becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to find a single solution to all of these highly specific needs – until now.
Welcome to Tech Senses, where technology is made simple. We’re an Information Communications Technology managed service provider based in Egypt, specializing in, IT Support, information technology, operational services, staffing, on-call, and field support services, and more, all to help our clients and their businesses reach sustainable success in the short-term and long-term future.

IT Solutions Accessible For Every Business

Here at Tech Senses, we’re making technology accessible for all businesses.
With every client we engage with, we offer a multitude of services and processes specifically designed to help them succeed. By handling everything from IT support, to staffing, to system monitoring, we let our clients focus on what’s really important to them, their individual internal strategies and goals at hand.

Information Technology Made Easy

Our IT support services are all-encompassing and effectively serve as full-service offerings.
When companies partner with Tech Senses for IT services, they receive the whole 9 yards. Our services are specifically designed to take care of the time consuming, costly, and often difficult to grasp IT processes that are integral to the success of any business but are also not every business owner’s forte. By using our vast resources and specialists to streamline our clients’ IT process, we help to make IT easy.

Tech Senses Is Ready To Work With You

If you are ready to partner with Tech Senses,
we guarantee that we are the most versatile, competent, and reliable managed service provider currently available in Egypt in the industry. Our team is comprised of highly-skilled and highly-experienced industry leaders and experts, ready to ensure that your business succeeds through our high-quality services. Tech Senses is ready to work with you – so take the next step and contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you. View our current services to see which ones may suit your business best. In addition, we can always make a recommendation if you’re not sure of the exact type of services your business needs. Remember, we are here to help!

Partner with a Managed Service Provider Today

As a managed service provider, we provide all of our clients with an extensive offering of potential benefits and incentives to showcase just what we do to help them reach sustainable success in the short-term and long-term future.
Tech Senses works within your existing framework to help provide more uptime and greater reliability across your entire IT infrastructure. By ensuring that your systems are always firing on all cylinders, you can rest assured knowing that your business can function effectively and efficiently without a worry in the world.
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And simply through more up time and greater reliability across your IT infrastructure, you can be sure that your vendor relationships will also see a tremendous improvement. Because Tech Senses will be maintaining your systems for you, you will see an increase in efficiency when working with vendors and contractors, ultimately assuring them that they made the right choice to work with you. Remember, reliability really goes a long way in today’s business world – and that encompasses everything from systems reliability to partnership reliability. Make sure that your vendor relationships are as strong as they can be!

Better Maintenance & Improved Business Processes

Tech Senses and our expert team of IT professionals

will endlessly work to provide our clients with top of the line maintenance, covering everything from software, to hardware, to network security, and server maintenance. Tech is our passion, and you can trust us when we tell you that we know just how to take care of your systems to ensure that they stay effective and efficient for the long haul.
Along with our expert maintenance, you can be sure that your business processes will become more improved and more efficient once we begin to perform our services. We will transform your systems into a well-oiled machine that drives real results through true efficiency.

Strategic Planning & Increased Productivity

It’s safe to say that a strong system drives productivity.
Now, why is this? Imagine if you were working on an old desktop computer attempting to run a demanding software program– while that may be suitable in 1998, it’s 2018! That would never pass muster in today’s business climate!
With that said, Tech Senses and our expert services help to improve your business processes by recommending high-quality hardware and software specifically designed for today’s businesses.
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Rest assured knowing that high-quality hardware and software not only drives results through efficiency, it also drives productivity among your in-house team. Not only will they be motivated to work, but they can also work confidently knowing that Tech Senses is there with them every step of the way to ensure that if something should go wrong, they’ll receive the support they need to get right back on track.

Strategic planning in today’s business climate requires a reliable IT infrastructure that can handle the demands of consumers and clients. By working with Tech Senses as your managed service provider, you will be free to run your business as you wish, without having to place so much emphasis on your IT services, ultimately paving the way for you to do what you do best, strategically plan for the future of your business!

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